(American, 1921- 2012)

LeRoy Neiman is the most famous and successful artist in America and possibly, the world.  For forty years he has criss-crossed the globe, documenting in sketches and in paint the extraordinary people, places and events that have dominated world media.  He is the painter laureate par excellence of the American 20th Century – as masterful a chronicler of our post- WWII affluence and jet-set lifestyles, as Norman Rockwell was in simpler days of yore. 

No artist is as universally famous and collectible as LeRoy Neiman.  In 1996, Columbia University in New York inaugurated the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies on its Manhattan campus – a fitting tribute to the master of the contemporary serigraph, whose graphics have become collectors’ items the world over.  

Franklin Bowles Galleries is proud to be Neiman’s leading dealer globally, in an association dating back to 1972.