MIQUEL GELABERT Sculptures at Mar I Murtra Botanical Garden

Miquel Gelabert recently completed an important year-long collaboration with the historic Mar i Murtra Botanical Garden in Blanes, Spain.  In keeping with the garden’s mission of preservation and as an alternative to excavation, Miquel Gelabert was invited to commemorate lost trees found at the site to create monumental in situ sculptures, or environmental artworks that celebrate the life of the trees and their surroundings.


The central sculpture is made from a lost pine (pinus halepensis) reimagined in its totemic elements. Gelabert’s vibrant lines mimic the natural patterns in the tree’s exterior and serve to reanimate the tree’s majestic form.  The reclaimed bark thoughtfully arranged in a circle between sky and sea, further serve as  a reminder of the sacred qualities of the site, reserved in centuries past as a place of spiritual reflection.

For the project, Gelabert created 3 individual interventions with trees, each situated at distinct junctures within the garden’s picturesque pathways.

In each case the use of the existing botanical forms contrasted with bright and rhythmic colors creates a wonderful contemporary synergy with the natural and historic appeal of this beautifully curated Garden.



Castell d’Aro’s Benedormiens Castle, located in the town of Palamόs, Spain, is hosting an exhibition of works by Eduardo Arranz-Bravo from August 4, 2018 to September 16, 2018. 

The show, organized by the Department of Culture, features over 25 new works by the artist displayed on the stunning stone-lined walls of the castle. A commemorative catalog accompanies the exhibition.



The upcoming exhibition From Renoir to Picasso, Boncompain and the Masters at Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montélimar, France will feature Pierre Boncompain’s work alongside master works donated from his own private collection.

In conjunction with this, the Château de Adhémar, Montélimar, France will exhibit examples of Pierre’s tapestries and ceramics.

The exhibition will run May 18 through December 31, 2018



Gottfried Salzmann is to be part of a group exhibition,  EIN LADUNG (A Cargo), at the Schloss Ritzen Museum in Saalfelden, Austria. The work featured in the exhibition comes from Dr. Wolfgang Biering and Renate Biering’s private collection; they began collecting Salzmann’s work in 1984.


The exhibition will run from May 5, 2018 through October 28, 2018.