March - APRIL 2019

New York

Pierre Marie Brisson Exhibition: Mediterranean, March/April 2019

This new exhibition, Mediterranean, blends painterly marks and collage techniques. His distinct multilayered surfaces and ensembles of repeated organic and mythical motifs carry on from previous works, now congealing in a pictorial language in full bloom. Brisson’s motifs have the quality of primordial signs. While the paper evokes ancient surfaces and styles related to writing, such as papyrus and hieroglyphs, the ochre and sand tones of the paper give the sense of a drawing scratched on the surface of a primordial cave. With every repetition, the viewer becomes more certain that these figures constitute not pictorial representations but rather the archaic and ancient images found in French caves: human, flower, bird, and fish. The images he produces evoke both material traces on the canvas and images from the collective human memory.





Vue de la Mer/View from the Sea

February 19, 2019 – March 16, 2019

Manila House, Manila, Philippines

This exhibition of new work reflects Pierre Marie Brisson’s love affair with the oceans and seas of the world. It includes images of flora and fauna in the range of colors inspired by working in his new studio in Cebu, Philippines. He has found in his beachfront bamboo studio “a freedom to think, freedom to observe the invisible, freedom to feel where the wind comes from, the sea wind.”