New York


This important collection marks the return of Gelabert to his childhood home of Blanes, Spain. The paintings reflect the seaside town’s influence on the artist’s memories and work: 

The spectacular image when the sun rises in the midst of the sea, surrounded all around by the 360-degree horizon. To see how the light gradually floods the whole marine landscape, which changes from the most absolute black to deep blue, then subtler tones, with a touch of orange and yellow as the sun rises up in the sky.  It is obvious that all these memories have left a mark on my work…” -Miquel Gelabert

Highlights of the exhibition include the Noct-Geom series with its daring use of color and geometry, the minimalist landscaper, Geomrise, and the vibrant horizon-scapes in the Paisatge de Juny series.  The paintings in Line Horizon represent a significant moment in the maturation of Gelabert’s artistic vision. 

Miquel Gelabert graduated from the University of Barcelona, Spain in 2005 and has been awarded many honors since. Most recently Miquel completed an important year-long collaboration with the historic Mar i Murtra Botanical Garden in Blanes.  He was invited to commemorate lost trees found at the site to create monumental in situ sculptures, or environmental artworks that celebrate the life of the trees and their surroundings.

He has also been selected to participate in numerous group and public exhibitions throughout Spain, including the Museu de Granollers, Fundació Cuixart and Fundació Valvi (Barcelona) and the Fundació Àngel Planells, Blanes, Spain. He was the first emerging artist selected to inaugurate the New Artists’ Space at the Fundació Arranz-Bravo in Barcelona in 2009, and it is through this association that Franklin Bowles Galleries, along with a number of important collectors, have come to acknowledge and appreciate his work.

In a short time, Miquel Gelabert has distinguished himself among contemporary Spanish artists and their famous ancestors: Miró, Dalí, Chillida, and Tàpies.  Gelabert was inspired by the international constructivism of Mondrian & Malevich and deeply influenced by the abstract expressionist minimalism of Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin.  Franklin Bowles Galleries is proud to introduce the newest paintings of this important emerging artist to a New York audience