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As LeRoy Neiman's largest art dealer for over 45 years, Franklin Bowles Galleries is proud to continue to introduce this remarkable artist's life and work to new audiences.

From today's perspective, Neiman's documentation of Americans' fascination with sport, spectacle, celebrity, and the good life over the second half of the last century, reflects the incredible popularity of American culture and the massive global prominence it still enjoys. Pop Culture has had an extraordinary influence on postwar art and Neiman explored and chronicled the very culture itself as it was unfolding.

Our 2018 exhibition, Pop Culture, will open on October 1, 2018 in our New York Gallery.

This year we are pleased to present a collection of over 50 works from LeRoy's personal archives, along with a fine selection of recently-acquired paintings. We extend our deep gratitude once more to The LeRoy Neiman Foundation, whose continued collaboration is critical to making exhibitions like this one possible.



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Neiman and Sports