Louis Aimé Japy, Pêcheur en barque sur l'étang

Louis Aimé Japy, Pêcheur en barque sur l'étang

The 19th century was a magical time for painting throughout Europe and especially in Paris, where the dominance of the Academy and the École des Beaux-Arts was being challenged by artists who forged stunning new ways to portray their world.

The paintings in our fall exhibition highlight the variety of styles and subjects chosen by the artists of the period:  landscapes in Classical, Impressionist and post-Impressionist styles;  portraits of people in lively urban environments and idyllic countryside picnics; still lifes in the classical 17th century Dutch manner and in a more free, impressionistic style; wonderful portrayals of animals, and political undertones in paintings reflecting changing views of agricultural labor.  What the paintings have in common is that they are all sourced in Europe and are carefully selected to meet our very high standards. 

Our exhibition highlights some of the great names of the 19th-century artistic pantheon found in major museums in Europe and the United States:  Bonheur, Delpy, Damoye, Diaz, Japy, Harpignies, Morisot, Richet, Rousseau and Troyon, to name a few.  We hope you enjoy this carefully-curated group of gems and find something wonderful to add to your personal collection.




In 1817, the little town of Barbizon became the birthplace for a new movement in landscape painting. Revisit the location where these young artists gathered, which would later be home to the Impressionist painters.

Executive Producers: Dr. Jean Audigier, Steve Kurzfeld
Directors: Dr. Jean Audigier, Steve Kurzfeld
In Charge of Production: Scott Saraceno

Running Time: 13 minutes